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Solving the Cyber Cooperation Conundrum: Lessons From Land, Sea, and War

March 16, 2018

My honors thesis for the Department of Political Science examines international cooperation over offensive cyber operations. I first ask why there is no international cooperation over cyber operations, then examine past efforts in international cooperation and see what can be learned, and finally, make recommendations about how to most effectively approach cyber operations going forward. 

Cryptography, Quantum Computing, and Paths Forward

February 07, 2018

This article I wrote for the UW Jackson School of International Studies Cybersecurity Initiative provides a succinct overview of post-quantum cryptography, recent developments in quantum computing, and suggestions for future work. 

Protecting Sensitive Data for the Future: A Post-Quantum World

This project, completed as part of my 2017 Internship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, aimed to understand how quantum computers capable of breaking public key cryptography could impact national security and privacy.

Big Brother's Democratic Debate: Mass Surveillance Versus the Right to Privacy

This paper analyzes the emerging field of mass surveillance case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to understand the role of individuals, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), states, and courts in shaping this area of law. In an area of case law growing rapidly with advances in technology, this domain has important implications for future relationships between privacy and state security.

Click on the Image to view the complete case study powerpoint. The associated policy paper can be viewed below.

Cyber Weapons and International Management

This paper provides an overview of cyber weapons and the unique policy issues associated with governing their use.

Google Maps and Infringements on the Right to Privacy

In this essay, I argue the failure to bring sufficient legal challenges to Google Street View technology demonstrates current privacy torts do not protect against technologically advanced infringements on privacy.

Prohibiton of Discrimination in the European Court of Human Rights

This website was created as part of a group project with several other students. It provides a comprehensive case study of prohibition of discrimination in the European Court of Human Rights focused on five areas: gender equality, gender identity, Roma and travellers, sexual orientation, and criminalization of sexual orientation.

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Throughout my undergraduate education, I have taken numerous courses regarding civil liberties, human rights, and international laws and conduct. Exposure to these topics, combined with my interest in technology has led me to work on some interesting research topics. I have highlighted some of these projects below.

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